501 W. Mustang., Caldwell TX 77836


At First Baptist, the School Board is comprised of seven active First Baptist Church members.  

Responsibilities of a Board Member include:

  • Praying often for the spiritual and academic mission of the school 
  • Attending and whole-heartedly participating in the school’s board meetings
  • Attending at least one school function per year to stay in touch with the life of the school 
  • A commitment of at least 4 years
Current Board Members

Ashly Sawicki, Chairperson

Burton Speckman, Vice Chairperson

Katy Tidey, Secretary

Cindy Cross

Mike Massey

Cindy Willis

Mitchell Charanza

Contact Information


Board Meeting Information

First Baptist School Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6pm at First Baptist School.   

If you wish to address the school board you are required to contact the Board Chairperson or Administrator one week prior to the meeting to be added to the agenda. 

A group is required to designate a single spokesperson to address the school board.  The spokesperson will be given a five minute time limit unless otherwise indicated.