501 W. Mustang., Caldwell TX 77836


First Baptist School gave me the roots to my Christianity; my parents planted the seed, but growing up where I was highly influenced, educated, and surrounded by amazing Christian people helped me develop into the Christian women I am today.

I loved chapel … singing all the fun songs (that I still sing with my girls), learning about the fruits of the spirit, saying your Bible verse, and of course getting a prize out of the treasure box are some of my fondest memories.

                                                                                            Meredith C.  

First Baptist School will always hold a special place in my heart! It was a time when I personally chose to give my heart to the Lord & walk with Him.  Now, even more so, it is special to me with my children currently attending. 

Middle school years are such hard years for young teens; there is so much peer pressure & finding your identity.  First Baptist School, the staff, and teachers really encouraged my walk with the Lord & guided me closer to him during an influential age.

                                                                                       Hannah S.

First Baptist School holds a very special place in my heart as a place that helped me to be the person that I am today. It has also helped shape the hearts of my children and build a great Christ-centered foundation to build upon for all of us.

Breanna H.

First Baptist School was a great start to my early childhood education and I hope my kids can, one day,  have the same experience I did.

Trey G.

Honestly I could write for days, First Baptist School is by far the best place I could imagine. My fondest memories would be my dad walking me into Mrs. Karen Landers class or sitting in the cubby holes watching Looney Tunes before Pre-K, or going to Mrs. Womble’s house and watching a movie upstairs. Greatest time of my life! I even got married in that same church.

Justin S.

Attending FBS fostered my love of school. I loved learning and growing, and I daydreamed about becoming a teacher. First Baptist School allowed me to be myself, and I received a solid education that led to opportunities in life I’d not have, otherwise. Having a hearing impairment wasn’t a hindrance for me at FBS. I had every resource I needed, and it wasn’t a big deal that I was different in that way. I had confidence at FBS and that carried over into public school and beyond.

Attending Chapel every morning and having Bible story time helped me learn more about Jesus and what it means to follow his teachings. The teachers I had exhibited what it meant to be a Christian at FBS.


Anne S.

Being a part of something so unique and special like FBS opened my eyes to the unique education available, and that God can be and is a part of it. Coming from a public setting, we didn’t get the lessons or have the dialogue about God like we should have.

Having smaller classroom settings also allowed for closer bonds to form between students (lifelong such as in my case) and for teachers to not only be the 8a-3p educator on specific subjects, but they deeply cared about our spiritual needs. Seeing that it was important to them made a huge difference in my life. That stood out to me, and is a huge reason I would support anyone in attending FBS.

-Sydnie F.